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What is the Difference Between Serialized, Bulk & Quantified Items?

The Inventory module contains all of your products currently in stock.

Alice POS works with three item types:

Serialized items

These are items that have a unique inventory number. If you are selling products such as videogames that you carry multiple copies of, this would be the best option. That way, if a game is returned damaged by a customer, you will have a unique number linked to the game allowing you to follow up on the situation.

Quantity items

These items are mainly sorted by UPC and will not carry a unique inventory number. Quantity items are used for general products that do not need to be tracked in the inventory. These products are usually carried in bigger quantity and don’t have unique attributes that differentiate them from other items with the same name like serialized items do. For example, if you carry 100 identical mugs, you do not need to track each of them.

Bulk Items

If you need to import large quantities of items on a daily basis (which exceeds 1 000 items in stock, for example), it would be beneficial to use the Bulk item type. The Bulk type item can be added and sold with decimals.

We recommend you to use the Serialize type products as this allows a more flexible and precise inventory tracking. One of Alice POS’ strength is giving their clients the freedom to switch their inventory from quantity type items to serial type items for accurate inventory tracking

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