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TroubleShooting – Network Connection Issues

Lost of Internet Connection

If Alice seems slower, freezes or simply won’t launch, it might be due to a poor or intermittent Internet/Network connection. Here’s what you can do to fix it:

  • Check if the issue is limited to a single computer or your entire network:  This will help pinpoint the source of the issue.
  • Depending on your connection type, it could be the root of the issue:
    • Wi-Fi:
      • Check the signal strength. Distance from the router and interfering obstacles can affect your connection’s quality and stability.
      • Sharing your Wi-Fi network with your customers increases the network load and will reduce performance. It is highly recommended to have a separate Guest network with limited bandwidth usage.
    • Hardwired:
      • Make sure you’re using the adequate wiring and that the wires are not damaged.
      • Check the connection. It needs to be undamaged and properly connected.

A wired connection is highly recommended for POS computers. It allows for a more stable and consistent connection.

  • Check the modem and router
    • Make sure that everything is connected properly with the right type of wires and that nothing is damaged.
    • Reset the modem (usually a small reset button on the back).
  • Restart the router with the following procedure:
    • You’ll need “Administrator” credentials.
    • Open a web browser, type in the router’s address which will usually be one of following:

      If none of the ones above work, please note that more often than not, the default router’s address should also be in your router’s user manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

    • When prompted, enter the router’s Adminstrator credentials (Not the same as the Wi‑Fi’s password).
    • Go to “Settings” or “System” (varies from brand to brand).
    • Look for an option allowing you to save the current configuration on your PC.
    • This will make a copy of the current configuration if something happens during the restart.

    • Restart the router, either by using the tool in the router management page or by unplugging the power cable for 30 seconds.
  • Check the connection’s quality
    • Run a Speedtest: This will indicate the strength and speed of your Internet connection. A connection that appears too low or too high is a symptom that there’s a problem. If things look abnormal, please contact your Internet service provider.
    • Create a Hotspot: If your regular Internet connection fails, you can create a WiFi Hotspot with your smartphone or a USB 3G card. Here’s how to use your Android or iPhone device as a hotspot.
    • Verify if you use a lot of bandwidth: Are you streaming music? Videos? Using additional tools aside from Alice POS that requires constant access to the internet?
    • Use a software like CCleaner to clean the cache of your Internet browser: This will remove any useless and unwanted cache files from browsing on the internet.
  • Check if it’s a hardware issue such as faulty network card, wires, etc.
    • Using this guide.
    • Try to reproduce the issue with another device (smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, etc…).
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