Training Plan

People trained by Alice POS:

  • Owner
  • Manager
  • Assistant Manager


Trainings that take place during work hours, when the store is open, are more effective if the noise level is kept to a minimum.

Training Preparation

To facilitate your learning experience in Alice POS, we would ask you to watch the videos on our Support.

The training in Alice POS will be presented in 3 blocks of 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Block 1 (Length: 45 min)

  • Presentation of the Contact/Co Module
    • Contact and/or company creation
    • Employee creation
  • Presentation of the Inventory Module
    • Explanation of the different lists available
    • Explanation regarding the interface and available buttons
    • Product creation

Block 2 (Length: 60 min)

  • Presentation of the Invoice Module 
    • Explanation regarding the window interface
    • Details Concerning the Different Types of Invoices 
      • Multiple transaction invoice
      • Order
      • Repair
      • Order and Supplier purchase
    • Creating an Invoice with Multiple Transactions

Block 3 (Length: 45-60 min):

  • Presentation on the Order Module 
    • Deepen understanding of orders
  • Presentation on the Repair Module 
    • Deepen understanding of repairs
  • Presentation on the Purchase Module

Additional Block (if needed):

  • Questions period (In group or individual)
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