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Shipping and Pickup

Shipping & In-store Pickup

Enabled Shipping Methods

This shows you the currently active shipping methods in your online store.

Add a New Shipping Method

This allows you to add a new shipping method to your already existing shipping methods. Wether you want to add a mail service like Canada Post or a local service. You can configure the transport services that you use most frequently.

If you dont see the service that you use in the list, you can create price charts based on the weight of the product or the value of the basket.


You can set the address that your shipping will depart from, wether it be from your store or your warehouse. Ecwid also allows you to determine the handling fees that will be charged to the client during the purchase.


Ecwid allows you to configure Emails that will be sent to your client to inform them as their orders are begin processed.

It also offers you the option to install ShipStation which allows you to print out shipping labels and automates processing.

Select the Destination Zone

If you need to use tables to create your own delivery methods, you can use the Destination zones section to determine the places that you will ship your packages to. Wether it be by country or specific postal codes, you can configure your rates based on the zones you create.

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