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In-Depth Overview of the Rent Module

This article is a general overview of the Rent module.

Rental options

Menu: Allows you to refresh the screen or go into fullscreen mode.
Display mode: Allows you to see information based on the Invoice, Item or Payment.
Navigate category: Allows you to see the rentals currently active based on the categories you have created.
Perform search: Allows you to preform a specific search for an item that has been rented.
View details: Allows you to see and validate the information for a rental invoice, such as the number of items that have been rented.
Rental return: Allows you to notify the system that a client is ready to return an item.
Filter results: Allows you to search for an invoice based on more specific criteria such as the employee that made the invoice, the date, its status, etc.
Display notes: Allows you to see all the notes linked to a specific invoice.


Preview the invoice: Allows you to view the invoice as if it had been printed out.
Print …: Prints out the invoice.
View customer: A shortcut that brings you directly back to the Contact module to the profile of the client or company.


Edit invoice: Allows you to modify items in the rental invoice.
Action performed on this invoice: Allows you to retrace the history of your rental invoice.
Cash Drawer Summary: View the summary of the cash register where the rental transaction was done.
Cancel invoice: Allows you to cancel the rental invoice.


Refresh: Allows you to refresh the view of the module to ensure the information is up to date.
Export list: Allows you to export a list of all active rentals.

Remember to always refresh the view when loading up a module in order to display the most up to date information.


In this part of the screen, you can see your items that are currently being rented. To view all on-going rentals, click the Refresh button or press F5.

  • Invoice #: Invoice number.
  • Date: Date the invoice was created.
  • Already (Days) Days since the item was rented.
  • Return: Return date for the rental.
  • Item #: Item number.
  • Category: Category of the item.
  • E: Will indicate if there is an error with the rental.
  • Mode: Type of invoice, in this case it would be a Rental.
  • Item name: Name of the rented item.
  • Index code: Index code of the rented item.
  • Serial number: Serial number of the rented item.
  • N/U: Indicated if the item is New or Used.
  • Refund qty: Quantity of items you refunded, if a refund occurred.
  • Purchase: Purchse price of the item.
  • Rent: Rental price of the item.
  • Cost: Cost of the item being rented.
  • Gross profit: Your gross profit on the rental.
  • Deposit: Total deposit on the item, if a deposit was given.
  • Item note: Note about an item carried out by an employee.
  • Item internal note: Internal note about an item that is only visible by other Alice POS users.
  • Invoice note: You can put a note on the invoice visible by the client.
  • Invoice internal note: You can put a note on the invoice not visible by the client but visible by other Alice POS users.
  • Customer: Clients name.
  • Phone number: Clients phone number.
  • Advisor: The employee that created the rental invoice.
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