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In-Depth Overview of the Purchase module

This article is a general overview of the Purchase Module. The Purchase module will help you:

  • Plan orders with your suppliers
  • Configure minimum quantities to have in stock
  • Limit customer orders

Top Screen Buttons

Navigate by class
Perform search
Filter Results
View Details


Add to invoice
Edit inventory
Actions performed on this item




In this screen you can see all the items that you have ordered. To see all the transactions, click on the Refresh button or press the F5 key on your keyboard.

Category Item category
Item name Name of the item
N / U New or used
Status Item status
Date status When the client changes the status of the item
Available Quantity available
Customer order Quantity of products under customer order
Customer order limit Maximum quantity of customer orders for a product
Supplier order Quantity currently in a supplier order
Sold without Inventory Quantity of items sold while the inventory was at 0 in Alice POS
Demand Quantity requested by customers
Required Quantity required to meet demand
Retail Price Retail price of the item
Arrival date Estimated date of delivery
Release date Release date (notably useful for products with a geographic release: video games for example)
Edit date Edit made in the Purchase module or of the item
UPC UPC code of the item
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