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Partial shipment of an order

You can now ship partial customer orders meaning if a customer placed an in-store order, once you have the item in stock, you can now ship it before billing your client.

For the same customer, you can ship multiple orders. Along with Ship&Bill (formerly known as Finalize invoice), this now means that you have three choices: Ship & Bill, Ship and Bill.

Shipping orders

First, let’s see how to ship items:

  • First, you need a customer with an order
  • In the Contact module, make sure that you are in Item navigation view
  • Once you have the item in stock, find your customer’s order
  • For each item you want to ship, right-click on the item and choose Ship the item. Repeat this step for each item you want to ship
  • A Shipment transaction can include items from multiple Orders from the same customer
  • Once everything has been added to the Invoice module, you’ll notice that the Invoice type is Shipment. Adjust quantites as needed.
  • Finalize the transaction by clicking the Payment button

Shipping the complete order

If you opt to ship the full order, change your navigation view to Invoice.

Billing orders

Here’s how to bill shipped items:

  • In the Contact module, select the Invoices tab and make sure you are in Item navigation view.
  • Once the merchandise has been shipped, retrieve your customer’s transaction
  • For each item you need to bill, right-click on the item and choose Bill item. Repeat as needed.
  • Billed items do not need to be from the same shipment as you can bill multiple shipped orders for the same customer on the same invoice.

  • Once all your items have been sent in the Invoice module, you will see that the transaction type is Payment
  • Finalize the Payment transaction by using the Payment button.
Billing the complete order

If you opt to bill an order fully shipped, make sure to switch to Invoice navigation view and choose Bill item.

Deposit management

If you bill a partial quantity and a deposit has been placed on the original order, an amount equivalent to the total of the billed items will be deducted from the deposited amount.

If you bill items from different shipments and deposits are linked to the original orders, each billed item will use a portion of the deposit up to the total amount of the billed item.

What happens to your existing orders?

Your existing orders will remain intact and you will have to finalize them by selecting Ship & Bill. You will not be able to ship your existing order items.

If you want to take advantage of the shipping feature on an existing order, you will have to cancel it and recreate it.

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