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Overview of the Promotion Tool

With Alice POS, you can configure a diversity of promotions in order to offer promotional discounts to your customers. Promotions can also be applied in your customer orders. If the customer picks up the item post-promotion, they will still benefit from the promotion’s discount.

Interface details

Promotions Section

First up is a drop down menu called Promo type which allows you to see the different types of promotion available. Before creating your new promotion, you need to choose the promotion type.

  • All Promotions: Displays all available promotions, active or not.
  • General Promotions: Displays the general list of promotions; for example if you have promotions configured for each category.
  • Contact Type: Displays promotions configured for each contact type.
  • Company Type: Displays promotions configured for each company type.
  • Price List: Displays promotions configured for each price list
  • Sell Through Allowance: Displays promotions where a rebate is given by manufacturer or supplier on specific products after being sold.
  • Recurring Type: Displays a list of recurring promotions; for example a promotion configured for every Saturday between 8AM et 1PM.

The second drop down menu is dependant on the options selected in the drop down menu above. So for example, if you select Contact type, it will display all contact types that you’ve configured previously.

The check boxes (shown below) allow you to filter the promotions list. For example, unchecking “Expired” will hide all the expired promotions from the list.

The icons to the right allow you to manage your promotions.

Add promo: This button allows you to create a new promo.
Clone the selected promo: With this option you can create a copy of a promotion that you created locally. Note that all the items of the selected promotion will be copied.
  Edit promo: This button allows you to modify an existing promotion.
Print label: If you’ve configured your promo with a specific code, you can print a label with the promo code on it which can be scanned to be applied.
  Delete promo: This will delete the selected promotion.
  Deactivate promo: This will allow you to deactivate a promotion indefinitely.

Scannable promotions

We’ve added an option which lets users scan a promotional code in order to apply a promotion.

In order to enable this option, check the Promo activated with a code box and add the required code for the promotion. You will be able to print the label afterwards via the Print label icon.

Promotion Detail

This section displays information about the promotion such as the promotion name, promotion type, the start/end date and promotion availability. You can also access the Promotion sales report by selecting a specific promotion and clicking on the Pie chart icon:

Promotion Items

This section allows you to add items to your active promotion. For example, you could apply a promotion to a Shoes category and from there you could then select a specific shoe and apply a higher discount.

  Add item : This allows you to add an item.
Add sub-element : This allows you to add a sub-element to a sub-item type promotion.
  Edit selected item : This allows you to edit a selected item.
  Delete selected item : This will delete a selected item.
Deactivate selected item : This allows you to deactivate or reactivate a promotion item.

Item Detail

This section displays information about the selected promotion or item. For example, if a promotion is linked to a category, you’ll see which promotion and the rules applied.

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