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Invoice basics

Making a sale has never been easier with Alice POS. Here’s how to perform the main sales operations.

How to make a sale

Here’s how to make a sale in Alice POS:

  • Select the invoice type needed from the drop-down menu. It can be a regular sale, an order, a supplier purchase, etc.

  • Some invoice types such as Supplier order, supplier purchase, inventory transfer require specific access granted by your Alice POS Administrator.

  • Select the employee who performs the operation. While it defaults to the logged in clerk, you can change the clerk so multiple employees can use the same workstation
  • Select your current customer. If a customer does not have an account or you do not keep track of your customers, click on the lightning bolt icon to bring up the Quick Sales contact. It is possible to change customer in the middle of an invoice.
  • The Quick Sales client can be configured by default. In case of a mistake, you can always find the right contact or modify the invoice.

  • Depending on the type of transaction you want to do, you need to select the appropriate tab in the right panel. Since Alice POS is multi-transactional, you can make a Sale, Purchase, Rental, Return, Special Intake or Consignment on the same invoice.
  • Scan, search or bring items from the Catalog or Inventory list to the invoice. Adjust quantities and prices as needed.
  • Press the green Payment button. If you need to change an item in the invoice, you can press the Red Cancel button to return to the Invoice screen.
  • The payment method window will open.
  • Choose the appropriate payment method.
  • Confirm with the the customer if they want their invoice by email. Check ​​the boxes as needed.
  • The calculator will open. Adjust the amount if needed in the Given Cash field. Click on Ok.
  • If there is money to give back to your client, the amount will be displayed on-screen. Alice POS calculates for you the amount to give back. Click OK to return to the Invoice screen.
  • The amount paid will be displayed in purple. You can click the purple X to remove it and do a do-over in case a typo was made.
  • Click on Finalize transaction. If you had to give change to your customer, a window will remind you.
  • If you need to return to the invoice screen, press Close or Cancel Invoice if you need to start over.

You can also choose a payment method that you have set up for Quick Payment. By doing so, you will be taken directly to the payment method window.

How to make a sale with a membership program

Alice POS allows you to offer a loyalty program to your customers. This is a great way to increase your income.

Before making a sale which is taken into account by this program, make sure to activate the Membership option in your Configurations.

  • Once you’ve activated the membership and set a sale price when adding a non-member contact to the invoice, you’ll be prompted to offer them a membership. Once you’ve set the length of his membership, the customer will then be able his membership.
  • When the customer comes back to your store to use their member privileges, create a regular invoice as explained above. The discount will be displayed in the “Member Benefits (%)” column in the invoice.

How to modify an invoice

If an error was made on an invoice, there’s an easy way to correct it in Alice POS. Here’s how to proceed:

  • First, search the invoice that needs to be edited. You can search for the invoice number in the Invoice module search box, scan the invoice if you have a paper copy, or use the Display available report icon to retrieve your invoice.
  • Right-click on the invoice and choose the “Edit invoice” option. Alice POS will inform you that the invoice must be canceled before it can be modified. This is completely normal. Press OK.

  • The invoice will then be displayed as originally created.
  • You can change anything; customer, prices, add/remove items or make any corrections that you deem necessary.
  • Finalize the invoice.

How to cancel an invoice

  • Go to the Invoice module.
  • Click on the Display available report icon in the History section. Select the invoice’s date.
  • Click on View.
  • Right-click on the invoice you want to delete and click on “Cancel invoice”.
  • Check the “Cancel Invoice” option to confirm that this is what you want to do.
  • You will need to login to complete the process.

How to refund an invoice or invoice items

To complete a refund, please consult this article: How to Refund an Invoice or an Item.

How to make a cash withdrawal

Here’s how to handle money withdrawals with Alice POS.

  • If you allow withdrawals in POS mode, see the appropriate procedure for Desjardins or Moneris terminals.
  • If you do not manage withdrawals in POS mode, you can create a payment method called Cash Withdrawal with the withdrawal reference. Alice POS takes care of the rest during an operation.

How to specify a different shipping and billing address

Specifying a shipping address different from the billing address is quite useful for addresses of government entities (city halls, hospitals, etc.). Here’s how to proceed:

  • Make the invoice as explained in the section “How to make a sale“.
  • When you are at the payment window, check the “Ship to a different address” box.
  • Search for your customer with the magnifying glass, and choose the address in question. The address must have been previously configured in your contact’s profile as a secondary address.
  • Make sure the delivery address is visible on your package if you send the invoice by mail.
  • Click the Finalize Transaction button at the bottom of the screen.

How to manage the shipping costs of your customer orders

Alice POS offers you the possibility to manage shipping costs for your customer orders. This is imperative for businesses with an online store:

  • First, you will need to create a Transport fees service in your Services. Leave the price at $0.
  • Subsequently, bill your customer by adding this service in the invoice and adjust the price accordingly based on the price you want to charge for shipping.
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