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How to Trade-in an Item (Simultaneous Purchase & Sale)

Thanks to Alice POS, you can sell and buy simultaneously. Alice POS automatically knows when you want to buy or sell an item by default, depending on if the item has a unique product number (sale) or a bar code (purchase).

Alice POS is the only POS on the market capable of making simultaneous purchases and sales!

How to proceed to a simultaneous sale and purchase

  1. Find your customer
  2. Scan the bar code of the item for sale.
  3. To purchase an item from your customer, select the “Purchase” on the right-hand side option and manually search for the item you are looking for.
  4. Set a purchase price.
  5. Finalize the transaction.

If you want to set a default purchase price for used items, look for the item in the Inventory module (under the Catalog type list) and double click on it. The Edit price list window will open and you will be able to change the default price.

If you simply opt to purchase a client’s item without selling anything, simply click on the Purchase blue button on the right and complete the transaction.

Did you know that Alice POS can print labels as soon as you purchase an item? To do so, make sure that the Label option is ticked in the payment method window.

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