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How to Import Products Into Alice POS

If you have a long list of items to add to your Alice POS system, we can save you time! In order to have you start selling as soon as possible, we’ll import your items into your Alice inventory quickly. In order to request an item import from the Alice team, you need to follow the steps below.

Prerequisites for an import

  • The file must be in CSV format
  • Must contain at least 500 items
  • The following fields are required for the import process: Name, Cost, Sell price, Item type, Category, UPC and Supplier code
  • There must be no line breaks or commas in text fields (Name, Description)
  • The Product type field must contain one of the following numerical value:
    • 0 for serialized
    • 1 for quantity
    • 2 for bulk
  • UPC field must be formatted in Text, otherwise it will be considered a number and the conversion to a .csv file will cause an error.
  • The column header in the CSV file must match column headers in Alice POS. For example, if a column header is UPC code in Alice, the name must be UPC in the CSV file. Otherwise it won’t match during the import process.
  • You must provide a valid point of reference in order for us to easily find the products; the UPC code for example. A specific product cannot be found using only its Category so it is required to include another reference point such as the UPC code
  • Create any custom product attributes you might need

Item import template

  1. First, you’ll need to Download the import template.
  2. Launch it using Excel or Google Sheets.
  3. As you’ll notice, there’s a pre-filled row which serves as a template. You must replace the content of the row with your product information.
  4. You’ll need to gather the following information for every item: name, cost, sell price, item type (serialized = 0, quantity = 1, or bulk = 2), description (optional), category, UPC or supplier code, distributor’s custom UPC code (optional).
  5. Additional columns can be added such as additional UPC codes or product attributes as long as these codes and attributes have been created beforehand.
  6. Add the information in the appropriate fields for each item.
  7. Once you’re done, please fill out a support request. We will reach out shortly after receiving your request.

Please note that ALL columns in the file will be imported so remove any unwanted or irrelevant columns.

Item import form

  1. Once we receive your template, we will send you the following form to fill out:
  2. You’ll need to fill out your contact information: Name, Phone Number, Email
  3. Specify the Alice store type (Single, Master, Sub-Master) that the import is for.
  4. Choose the type of import that you want us to do: Product, Contact, Company, General Service, Repair Service or Protection Service.
  5. You must specify the column(s) that will be used to locate duplicate items that may already exist in your database. For example, if you’re doing a product import, you can specify that the product search must be done by Product Name + Category Name. This is vital information that will be used during the import process to identify specific products from all others as using the category isn’t enough.
  6. Under the actions to apply, check the appropriate field (Adding Items or Editing Items)
  7. Specify the reason for the import and add additional details that are relevant to the import in the Additional Information field. If there are any exceptions that the Alice team needs to be aware of, input them here as well.
  8. Input the date you want the import to take place.
  9. Finally, click the Choose a file button and browse in your computer to find your completed CSV import file and attach it to the form.

For every import requests, we ask you to allow us 5 business days notice in order to validate the data and process the request. The delay may vary depending if we find errors in the file and ask you to make the necessary corrections.

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