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How to Create and Refund Rental Deposits

If you offer rentals which requires a deposit, you can easily manage this. Here’s how to create a service to help you create and refund deposits.

How to Create a Rental Deposit Service

  1. To add a deposit to your invoice you need to create a deposit service for your item. Click on the Setup gear at the top right of your screen and select Service.
  2. Add a service. You could name your deposit for a general purpose (ex. “Deposit on game rentals”), for a category (“Deposit on N64 game rentals”), or for an item (“Deposit on PS4 consoles rentals”). Under Tax Group, make sure to select Without Tax item.


When creating a rental invoice which includes a deposit, make sure to set your deposit as a Sale.


Configure your deposit as a mandatory cross sale item with the category or item it is associated with.

How to refund a Rental Deposit

  1. Head over to your customer profile in the Contact module
  2. Find the invoice with the deposit in their contact profile under the Invoices tab and right click on the deposit item. Select Refund item.


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