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How to Create an Order

When a customer wants to put aside a product to be purchased at a later time, it is possible to create a layaway called Order.

  • In the Invoice module, choose Order under Invoice Type.
  • Find your customer’s name using the magnifying glass next to the customer field.
  • Scan the item the customer wants to put aside or search for it by using the search bar in the right panel.
  • You must finalize the transaction by pressing Payment.
    • If you have a policy of requesting a deposit, you can do it in the payment method window.
    • You can also complete your Order without accepting a deposit.

You can keep the reserved product in a dedicated place in your store and tag it with your customer’s name.

Users can now put items with an active promotion on order. We added an option which will keep the promotional pricing when the promotion is over.

When your customer comes in to pay the item, you can finalize the order.

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