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How to Manage your Contacts

How to create a contact

  • Go to the Contact/Co. module.
  • Select Contact
  • Click on Add Contact.
  • The Add a contact window will be displayed:

    1. Select if it’s a public or private contact
    2. Determine if it’s a Quick Sale Customer
    3. Add first and last name. The second name is optionnal.
    4. Gender
    5. Contact type: You can assign a contact type.
    6. Language: Ideally select your contact’s native tongue so they can get their invoices and emails in the proper language.
    7. Company: If your client is an employee of a business that deals with your store, you can associate them with it.
    8. Price List: Select a price list for your client if applicable.
    9. Tax Group: You can also assign a group tax if applicable.
    10. Consignement Percentage: If your client provides your business with consigned items, this is where you’d specify the percentage if need be.
    11. Mandatory reference number on sale: Once this is enabled, every time the contact will make a purchase, the clerk will be prompted to ask for a reference number before doing the invoice.
  • How to search a contact

    1. In the Contact/Co. module, select Contact (or Company) and type in the name in the search bar. And then select the contact.
    2. In the Invoice module, you can search for your client in the search bar above the invoice. Once you have added your contact to the invoice, you can then click on the Go To Contact or Edit Contact icon located at the bottom left corner of the left panel.

    How to edit a contact

    1. Go to the Contact/Co. module.
    2. Select Contact
    3. Search the contact to edit in the appropriate section
    4. Double click on the contact to edit
    5. Make the necessary changes (add/remove phone number, change address, etc…).
    6. Click OK.

    How to delete a contact

    1. Go to the Contact/Co. module.
    2. Select Contact
    3. Search the contact to delete
    4. Select the contact and click on the Delete contact icon (black arrow)
    5. Add a reason for deleting the contact
    6. Click OK
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