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How to Configure your Semi-Integrated PIN Pad Terminal with Desjardins

Alice POS gives you the possibility of working in semi-integrated mode with the Desjardins iPP320* payment terminal. This article will explain how to configure your Pin Pad terminal with Alice POS.

Required Pre-Configuration in Alice

Payment modes: First, we need to define the reference point in the Alice POS settings so that the transaction can be sent to the pad for processing. You must associate or create a payment mode for each of the following references: Interac (Debit), Visa, Mastercard, American Express (AMEX), Discover and Privative, this applies even if you do not accept the cards mentioned in your store.

If the payment modes do not exist yet, they can be created using the Settings gear (or Tools – Setup) and going into the Invoice tab => Page 5 = >Payment modes.

You only need to make this change on one work station as the settings will sync with any additional work stations you use Alice POS on. Those configuration settings lets Alice POS system know that it needs to send the transaction to the terminal.

Please note that the reference is also used when the details of the transaction are being saved so it is important to have the reference points configured properly.

Desjardins Pre-Configuration

To do before the arrival of the Desjardins technician.

Configure your Network

  • Reserve fixed IP addresses for each of the pads and cashier stations that will be linked to the pads. A pad will only respond to requests that come from the work station that it is linked to.
  • Unblock port 2200 on the pads’ IP addresses section.
  • Note the following IP addresses for each of the terminal-station pairs: Fixed IP Address #1 (Computer), Fixed IP Address #2 (Terminal), Gateway Address, Subnet Mask, DNS Server Address 1, DNS Server Address 2.

To do with your Desjardins Technician

Configure the pad

  • Configure the network details on the pad.
  • Start the initialization and download procedure.

PIN Pad Setup in Alice

We then have to input the specifications for the pad in Alice.

  • Go to the PIN pad section in Settings.
  • Input the PIN pad information

Supplier: Desjardins

Model: iPP320

Communication mode: TCP/IP

Communication port: Empty

IP Address: The IP address of the pad that will be linked.

Port: 2200

  • Check the “Semi-Integrated Payment Terminal” box to activate the PIN pad within the Alice POS settings.
  • Check the prepaid card management fields if needed.
  • If you want to authorize money withdrawals using Interac transactions, check the box titled “Allow cash withdrawals with Debit transaction”.
  • Save your changes by clicking on Ok.

Linking Pad to the Workstation

  • Go to the main menu by pressing the yellow button alongside the 0 button on your terminal. Head over to Configuration > Settings > Comm PDV > Recording.
  • The message “Awaiting PDV connection” will display on the screen.
  • In Alice, go to Tools > PIN pad.
  • Click on “PIN pad status” to send a request to the pad.
  • If successful, the IP address of the station will show with a message asking us to confirm the transaction.
  • The pad and station are now properly linked.
  • If you are prompted with an error message in Alice, press on the red button on your terminal and verify that your network settings for the PIN pad and station are entered in correctly.

If you do not ask for a Desjardins technician, you will need to contact their technical support team for assistance with the initial setup.

* For more information regarding the Desjardins iPP320 terminal, please read the following document.

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