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How to configure your Moneris iCT250 terminal

Alice POS offers you the possibility to be in semi-integrated mode with the Moneris iCT250 terminal*.

How to set up your terminal with Alice POS ?

Pre-configuration required in Alice

Before the arrival of your Moneris technician

Payment modes

You must first define the reference in Alice’s configuration so that the transaction is sent to the keyboard for processing. You must associate a Reference for each of the following payment if you accept it:

  • Interac (Debit)
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express (AMEX)
  • Discover

These options are accessible from the Setup menu (Invoice tab > Tab > Payment modes button). You only have to make the change on one station, it will be applied to the other stations of the store at the next launch of Alice. These changes allow Alice to know that it has to send the transaction to the terminal. The reference is also used when saving the details of the transaction.


Download the driver necessary for the proper operation of the terminal at the following address.

Moneris Configuration

With your Moneris technician or Moneris technical support

Configure the wires

  • Flip the terminal upside down so you can see the back panel facing you up. You will see two latches on the sides of your device.
  • Press down on both latches at the same time and pull to lift the panel. Remove the panel completely.
  • If you see a three-bit rubber stopper, grasp the protector and pull it until it is completely removed.
  • Plug the USB cable into the port called “USB Slave” in the middle of the back compartment of the terminal.
  • Insert the USB cable into one of the slots at the top of the compartment.
  • Replace the rear panel by adjusting the tabs at the top corners in the openings at the top of the terminal.
  • Close the panel and press until it locks. The USB cable will come out through one of the slots.
  • Plug the USB cable connector into a USB port on your computer.

Configure the keyboard

  • Press # twice, enter 53 and press the green key.
  • Scroll down until you see RCPTS AT TERM, and press the green key.

Configure the USB connection with your work station

  • Press # twice, enter 52 and press the green button.
  • Scroll through the menu until you see USB and press the green key.
  • Choose the transmission rate and press the green key. (By default, the value is 19200.)
  • The REINITILIZATION REQUIRED message will be displayed.

You will need to contact Moneris Technical Support to help you if you have difficulty with following the steps below.

Enabling semi-integrated mode

To activate your terminal in semi-integrated mode, press F2 and indicate “No” when the terminal asks you “Switch to stand-alone mode”. If your terminal displays “Welcome / Bonjour”, it is in semi-integrated mode. If you are asked to enter an amount, it is in stand-alone mode.

Terminal configuration in Alice

It is then necessary to define the specifications of the terminal in Alice.

  • Go to the PIN pad section in the Setup options.
  • Define the terminal informations :

Supplier : Moneris

Model : ICT250

Communication mode: USB

Communication port: COM port allow by Windows

IP Adress: Do not enter anything.

Port: Do not enter anything.

  • Check the “Use a POS in Semi-Integrated Mode” box.
  • Save the changes by clicking Ok.

With the Moneris terminal, you can not manage prepaid cards.

* For more information about the Moneris iCT250, please read the following document: iCT250 SI quick guide E

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