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How to Configure Quick Pick Buttons

In the Invoice module, you can configure quick access buttons that are linked to either a general service or a quantity or bulk product. This feature allows for greater efficiency for your employees during daily operations.

Creating Quick Pick Button Pages

  • In Configuration, select the Invoice tab
  • Choose the Interface tab
  • Click on the Quick Pick button
  • In the Quick Pick page, click on +Item to create the parent button category and then click on Apply.
  • Click on the Quick pick configuration button

Quick pick buttons management

Not only can you set a product or service to your quick pick buttons, but you can also configure how to display them based on what you need.

Please note that the resulting display is dependant on your monitor’s dimensions. If for example, you have two different workstations, one with a 15″ screen and another with 24″, the configurations will remain intact but everything will be smaller/more condensed on the 15″.

Buttons per line

This option lets you decide how many quick pick buttons to display per row in each of your quick pick blocks.


You can decide whether you want to display the image, name and/or price for the product and/or service linked to your quick pick button.

Panel size

In order to give a bit more freedom when tailoring your invoice interface to your liking, you can select from four different sizes for your quick pick (white) buttons:

  • Narrow
  • Standard
  • Large
  • Extra Large

Picture location

If you decide to display the image of your products/services, you can decide where it’ll be displayed in the button: top, bottom, left or right.

Creating Quick Pick buttons

  • On the Quick Pick window, create a button using +Item and name your button to find the product or service assigned to it.
  • You must link your product or service to the previously created button. In the Product / Service section, enter the name of the item, choose whether it is a Product or a Service and click on the magnifying glass to find your item:
  • Once all your buttons are created, click OK
  • Exit configurations and go to the Invoice module. In the right panel, you will see your created buttons.

The blue buttons represent the Pages, while the gray ones represent the items contained in the page.

If you have only one quick pick page configured in your system, there won’t be a blue button in the right panel. Only the buttons created below the main page button will be displayed.

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