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How to Move an item to a different Category

After creating a new product, you notice that it was added in the wrong category. There are two different ways to move a product to another category. Here’s how to proceed:

Drag-and-Drop method

  • In the Inventory module
  • Click Catalog
  • Make sure you are in folder view under the Navigation section
  • Find your item using category folders
  • In the Categories list, make sure to see the folder where you want to transfer the item
  • Click on the product and hold the mouse button down to move the item in the new category

Via Product information window

From your product card, you can also change the location of your product.

  • Find your product and open the form to change the information
  • In the Main tab, on the left, you will see your category tree. Just select the right category and Alice will ask to confirm the change.
  • Click Yes to confirm the category change.
  • When you exit the product information window, you will be in its new category.
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