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How to Accept or Refuse Price Changes from Head Office

If your Alice POS account is synched with a Master account, the price changes will automatically be approved. However, some price changes will require your approval.

To manage price changes

  1. Go to the Inventory module and in under the Catalog.
  2. Display all products by clicking on the Subcategory icon.
  3. glyphicons_154_more_windows

  4. Items with a pending price change will have a Dollar sign under the $ column.
  5. Click on Show Filters and check “Price change to process only”
  6. Display the item details by clicking the Detailed View button.
  7. glyphicons_114_list

  8. In the Price Change tab, you will be able to view any changes made by Head Office.
    • To accept a price change, click on the check mark:
    • Alice-pos-inventaire-changement-prix-master-accepter

    • To accept a price change and print new labels, click on the tag button:
    • Alice-pos-inventaire-changement-prix-master-accepter-etiquette

    • To ignore a price change, select the X button:
    • Alice-pos-inventaire-changement-prix-master-ignorer

How to unsynch prices from the master list

If you would like to unsynch your prices from the Master account, select Do not sync prices.

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