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Balancing Accounting Entry with the Accounting Posting Report

Whether you make your accounting entry daily, weekly or monthly, the Accounting Posting report will be very useful to you.

If you use Acomba for your accounting, please refer to the following article.

  • In the Reports menu, go to the Accounting department
  • In the list of available reports, select the Accounting posting report
  • Choose the period for which you need to write your entry
  • Click on View to display and print the report
  • Once you have your copy in hand, you will use the data in this report to write your report

Download the Excel file at the end of this article to help you write in your accounting software.

You can start directly from the printed report to write your report or use the Excel sheet.

Use your Accounting posting to fill in the pink boxes with the data from your report.

In the right part, you will see your accounting entry create itself. All you have to do is enter your account numbers and the amount in the column indicated by the entry.

Save this file carefully on your computer once you have entered your account numbers in column K. This way, the next time you write, you will be ahead of time with the account numbers already registered.

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