Design Menu

Design Menu

This menu allows you to personalize the appearance of your store. We advise that you test out the available options to find the style you prefer most. All you need to do is select the options that you want to try and refresh your store page to view the changes. If you do not see the changes appear, try refreshing your brower’s cache.

Image Size & Image Aspect Tatio

This allows you to define the formats that are linked to the products that you are displaying in your store.

Product Card Details and Layout

This allows you to define certain characteristics of your product information page and the information that you wish to display.

Category Name Position

This allows you to chose the placement of your category name.

This allows you to determine the aspect of your product information page and determine the placement of you additional images that you might have placed in your product information page.

This allows you to decide which information that you wish to display on your product such as sales price, information related to the quantity in inventory, etc.

Storefront Navigation & Colors

This allows you to define the navigation and store options of your store.

Custom CSS theme

The theme determines the general look of your store.

** This section is for advanced users.

When you click on Edit theme, you will be able to modify certain options of your site. For example, if you wish you change the colour of items (of titles or prices), hide certain information, increase the size of information or other, you will need the CSS code. You must look for the correct codes on the Ecwid support site and in their forums, which will take some time. If not, you can find the list of codes here for a fee.

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