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In-Depth Overview of the Contact Module

This article is a general overview of the Contact module and will go over the various functionalities of the module.

Top Screen Buttons

Contact type

Contact: allows you to view customers.
  Company: allows you to view companies.


  Add a contact
  Edit contact
  Copy contact
  Delete contact
  Print customer label

It’s impossible to delete a contact with active invoices. We recommend that you write a letter “z” in front of their name until their invoices are paid in full. Once everything is settled, you’ll be able to delete it.


Bring contact to invoice
  List of actions performed on this contact
  Refresh contact information
  Print list
  See reports
  Display accounts receivable
Send account statement by Email
Display Consignments


Allows you to see your search history

Search Area

You can search for your customer in the search bar on the left. All results related to your search will appear to the right of your screen. The Funnel icon allows you to activate the search filters.

Search Results

In this part of your screen, you can see the following customer information:

  • Their name in the top left
  • Notes on their commercial activity
  • Address notes
  • Picture
  • Notes

In the center of your screen, you have more information about that contact:

  • Email Address
  • Membership status
  • Contact number
  • Preferred language
  • etc.

Transaction History

Below you will find a handful of tabs; each with their own purposes. The first one is Statistics.

  • Statistics:
    • Created by
    • Private or public
    • Current credit (green)
    • Line of credit (in red)
    • Consignment due
    • Total purchases
    • Total credit given
    • Total credit used
    • Total money given
    • First and Last visit

Explanation of the customer Tabs

  • Invoices: Lists all of the contact’s invoices
  • Rentals: Displays the contact’s ongoing rentals
  • Orders: Displays the contact’s orders
  • Repairs: Displays the contact’s repairs
  • Accounts Receivable: Displays the contact’s account receivable
  • Consignments: Displays the contact’s consignments

For company type contacts, you’ll see 3 additional tabs: Supplier order, Back order and Supplier purchase.

Allows you to search per item, invoice or payment
  Navigate by category
   Perform Search
View details
Rental return
Filtrer results
Show notes


Preview the invoice
Print invoice
Attached files
View customer


Finalize the invoice
Preview the completed order
Edit invoice
Actions performed on this invoice
Cash drawer summary
Cancel this invoice


Print list
Switch to full screen
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